"We like opening up the paper and seeing our friends and fellow classmates. we think CM LIFE does a great job of keeping it diverse and cultured." jill simpson and jessica hefron, vice president of professional development, prssa cmu. cm life readers for 4 years.

"it comes out 3 times a week so i can stay updated with what is going on on-campus, since i don't live on-campus." karie herringa, cadillac IPR major, cm life reader for 3 years.

"I am not a student at cmu, but i like that i can still know what is going on on-campus by reading cm life, and online." Kevin koroleski, mt. pleasant resident.


“I like when CM Life has the cultural events and it keeps me informed on what’s going on in the community.” Shannon Bonney, Holt Communication Disorders Major. CM Life reader for 2 years.

“I read CM Life to stay informed about what’s going on with Central and the community.” Ricardo Rinconeno, North Branch Communications Major. CM Life reader for 5 years.

 “CM Life keeps me updated with all the different events and involvements that are going on throughout campus.” Stephanie Brantigan, Wixom Senior. CM Life reader for 4 years.

“It keeps me updated on my campus and community. It showcases what students are doing around campus and I respect that. I find CM Life beneficial as social media, it’s another way to get info.” Nick Reynolds, Kalamazoo Senior. CM Life reader for 4 years.

“We like CM Life because it keeps your informed and updated with what is going on with our fellow classmates and different groups on-campus” Brittany Robinson, Mt. Pleasant Health Administration major and Sara Kordupel, Spring Lake Child Development major. CM Life readers for 4 years.

"The customers and employees at The Bird and Aphrodite's read CM Life for the up-beat and fresh outlook on what life is and what life could be!" Lois Breidenstein, Owner of the Bird and Aphrodite's. CM Life reader for 45 years.

"The CM Life readers have helped to shape our family establishments, started by our grandfather John for the last 75 years. It has been an honor to be a service to the CM Life community." Ben Breidenstein, Owner of the Bird and Aphrodite's. CM Life reader for 13 years. 

“I have been a fan of CM Life since my life as a college student at CMU. I feel the paper has the pulse of the student community, doing features sometimes overlooked by other local publications. What's great about CM Life is that it is both for students by students but informative to the community at large. A great mixture of local color and national interest stories brought to readers of any age by the country's next generation of writers. “  JIM HOLTON, OWNER, MOUNTAINTOWN STATION, CM Life reader for 25 years. 

“Having worked at CMU for 14 years I know a lot of faculty and staff. We still work very closely with CMU and I have a real keen interest in what’s happening at the university.”  Leo Mioduszewski, Isabella County Sheriff. CM Life reader for 24 years.

“I have read CM Life over the past 40 years or so. It has always
kept me up to date on the local
issues in town, and has definitely
kept me updated on the views
of young people as well as their
activities. When CMU students
stop by for ice cream I am able
to talk to them about what’s
happening around campus
thanks to CM Life.  And even though Doozie's is only around during the warm months, I enjoy CM Life all year round."
Clyde Dosenberry, (Mr. Doozie) Doozie's Ice Cream. CM Life reader for 43 years.

"I read CM LIFE for the sheer pleasure of keeping up with the happenings of the university and the cultural exchange. It is a very important part of our community." Frank Cloutier, Public Relations Director, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. CM LIFE reader for 20 years.

 “For years, CM Life has done an exceptional job of keeping me informed about both community and campus news and events. In addition to serving as an informational resource, CM Life offers our future print journalists practical experience which is a valuable asset in today’s job market.” Darcy Orlik, Event Coordinatior, College of Communication and Fine Arts. CM Life reader for 26 years 

 "I enjoy reading CM Life because as a graduate of CMU I am very interested in what is happening on campus. I am interested in the many events at CMU; the speakers, the plays put on by University Theatre, and I am especially interested in CMU sports. It is obviously the best coverage for things happening at CMU, but it also provides in-depth coverage on local issues as well. There are a lot of great reporters at CMU who are able to devote more time to local issues and I enjoy their articles very much. I also appreciate the good commentary on the opinion page." Joe Barberi, Attorney. CM Life reader for 48 years.