Program Schedule - Show List

MHTV is broadcast in Mount Pleasant on cable channel 23, and on CMU's campus cable channel 34.
News Central 34 broadcasts live at 5 pm Monday through Friday. News Central 34 has the largest news coverage area of any regularly scheduled student produced live nightly television news broadcast in the state of Michigan.
Five episode series featuring the brainstorming and pitch of television shows. Each episode features a different genre. Features the talents of CMU improv comedians.
The F1RST Post Show is the newest media outlet for the student film company, F1RST Post Entertainment. This student group is made up of graduates and undergraduates within the Broadcast and Cinematic Arts department. The group is using The FIRST Post Show to present their independent short films.
Central View is a magazine formatted show, meaning that it is divided up into segments or little vignettes that each have their own focus. The segments are then compiled with our host, Alex Decker’s, comments to create the final half-hour show. Central View currently runs five segments per episode, and they are as follows: Movies Central; Recruit; Listen Up; Taste of the Town; and Your Voice.
The High Adventure Club is a show about extreme and adventurous activities on an affordable student budget. Most of the activities can be taken advantage of by everyday students looking to push their boundaries and have a good time. Weekdays at 7pm to see what they are up to next.