Central Michigan Life is like the steak and potatoes of the media in 
Mount Pleasant - it is the main course. The college newspaper is part 
of a student's on campus experience - they read it and share it with friends. Student newspapers have a significant reach beyond the initial recipient and higher average pass-along than many mainstream publications.*

CM LIFE (as our faithful followers refer to us) is read by more than 22,400 Central Michigan University students, faculty, staff and loyal Mount Pleasant residents. College newspapers continue to be the most effective medium across the country to reach the affluent campus markets. College newspapers offer value to area businesses by creating a positive connection with collegiate consumers and the potential to generate a relationship way past graduation day.*

CM LIFE continues to be a top media choice among today's college students, and a sought-after source for campus news, entertainment and shopping information. CM LIFE delivers CMU's $800 million market to your businesses door. **

To satisfy your data craving, here are some healthy benefits to adding Central Michigan Life to your marketing platter.

College students read their campus newspaper.
76% of all students have read their school's student newspaper in the past 30 days. This figure tops 92% at schools that publish their paper daily Monday-Friday.*

Students who read their college newspaper are frequent readers.
80% of readers have read at least one of the past five issues. Overall, students have read 2.8 of the last five issues.*

Student pass-along readership is significant.
On average, each copy of the paper is read 3.2 times.*  Most daily and community newspapers have a lower pass along rate of 2.4 readers per copy.***

Students seek out the newspaper for exclusive campus news.
Nearly all (90%) of respondents rank campus news as the number one section they look for in their newspaper, followed by entertainment info (69%) and sports (50% overall, 59% for male students).*

Advertising content propels students into action.
70% of students say they've been motivated to take some sort of action after seeing advertisements in their college newspaper. Half have attended an event, 43% have mentioned an ad to a friend and 28% have researched a product online.*

Students are bargain hunters and take advantage of coupons and special offers.
More than three-quarters of all students have used a coupon or special offer (78%). Usage is highest among women (82%) and seniors (85%).*
*2009 MORI Research/Alloy Media & Marketing's College Newspaper Audience Study; **February 22, 2009 The Morning Sun/Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Report on CMU economic impact study; 
***2009 Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Readership Report


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