Deadlines & Mechanicals

TWO PAGE SPREAD:       21" w X 10.25" t
FULL+LEFT 1/3 PAGE:       10.25" W X 10.25" T + 3.3" W X 10.25" T
FULL PAGE:             10.25" W X 10.25" T
HALF PAGE:               (V) 5.04" W X 10.25" T  (H) 10.25" W X 5.25" T
5.04" W X 5.25" T
5.04" W X 2.5" T
FRONT PAGE STRIP:       10.25" W X 1.5" T
MARKETPLACE:               (V) 1.5" W X 4" T       (H) 3.3" W X 2" T
MIGHTY MINI:        
1.5" W X 1.5" T

ROP Display and Classified Ad deadlines are 12 noon two business days prior to publication.



You may email smaller (less than 1.5MB) files directly to our graphic designers at:  The subject line should include your account executive's name.
Snail Mail:
Mail your files on CD to: Advertising, Central Michigan Life, 436 Moore Hall, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48859
Specs for Art Files:
  • 180 dpi/ppi minimum for halftone art, sized at 100% (for your ad's art usage).
  • Line art (bitmap) should be higher resolution as needed for clarity. 600 dpi/ppi is recommended.
  • Do not use art from your web site, as 72 dpi/ppi web images print poorly.
  • Native Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop files and require all elements of your document to be sent, i.e.: fonts and graphics. 
  • EPS (encapsulated PostScript files) also requires all elements of your document to be sent, i.e.:fonts and graphics. 
  • We are an ALL-MACINTOSH shop. Many Windows-generated files are fine to use, but please ask if you have questions. 
  • Ads designed in non-professional design applications (particularly Microsoft products) will not be accepted. If your ads are designed in one of these applications, we will have to rebuild them.
If your ad had 4-color artwork (process), please verify that your art files are in CMYK mode, and not RYB, so they will separate properly. It's a good idea to print a set of separations yourself before submission, so you know your art will work If your ad uses spot color. Please verify that your file will ONLY print one color plate and one black plate.
NOTE: There is a slight color shift in spot colors converted for a full color page placement. Client will not be charged for the additional plate charges incurred by this process.

Digital file final checklist:
  1. Are all your fonts and art included?
  2. Does your color separate properly?
  3. Is your ad the correct size?
  4. Is your art properly sized?
  5. Are your graphics prepared at 300 dpi/ppi or better for halftones and 600 dpi/ppi for bitmap images?
  6. Can you print it? Central Michigan Life reserves the right to substitute a similar typeface if your font is not usable or corrupt. Files that do not meet our specs or create problems beyond our control will be billed at $75 per occurrence.


  • Advertisers must have a signed contract with CM Life in order to recieve contract rates. If actual space used is greater than contracted amount the advertisers will be eligible for the next contracted rate. If the space used does not reach the contracted amount, the advertiser will be billed the open display rate.
  • Liability for errors in advertisements shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error. Errors must be reported after the first printing of the advertisement.
  • CM Life has the right to reject, in whole or part, and without cause, any advertisements submitted for publication. All advertising is subject to the approval of the Student Media Board of Directors.
  • CM Life reserves the right to insert the word "advertisement" in all ads, especially ads which could be mistaken for editorial content.
  • CM Life will not knowingly accept advertising which reflects discrimination because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference or national origin.
  • The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify Central Michigan Life against any and all liability, loss or expense arising from claims of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, infringement on trademark, copyrights, trade names, patents or proprietary rights or violation of right of privacy, resulting from the publication of the advertiser's advertisement.