Bus Shelter Advertising

Highly visible to transit riders, motorists and pedestrians, bus shelter advertisements generate constant impressions. In Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University students represent the largest percentage of customers for the local transit company.

Your signage guarantees great exposure to students traveling between home and campus each day. Buses drop off and pick up on the CMU campus every 1/2 hour from 11 major apartment complexes in Mount Pleasant. There are 4 routes daily operating from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. More than 250,000 rides annually.

Apartment complexes with transit service for their 7300+ residents: Deerfield Village, Lexington Ridge, Jamestown Apartments, University Meadows, Tallgrass Apartments, The Village at Bluegrass, Union Square Apartments, Westpoint Apartments, Yorkshire Commons, Southpoint Apartments and The Reserve.


       LOCATION                                    MONTHLY                     SEMESTER                        YEAR             




 $500.00                          $375/mo.                        $300/mo.                     

 $250.00                          $195/mo.                        $125/mo.                       

 $475.00                          $350/mo.                        $275/mo.                         



 News Rack Advertising

There are more than 60 news racks on the campus of Central Michigan University and at key locations in the community of Mount Pleasant. This is an excellent "reminder" to support and extend your messages delivered by other media. Racks can be purchased by route (4 routes of 15 locations)or by individual location as available.

       SCHEDULE                                MONTHLY                     SEMESTER                        YEAR             

       PER ROUTE



$795.00                          $1980                              $3960                      

$295/each                     $780/each                       $1200/each                      

$20/each                        $20/each                        $20/each      



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