Central Michigan Life offers unique advertising positions on its site:, along with sponsored advertising posts on its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat social media platforms. Let us help you design a multi-media strategy for your business. 

      DIGITAL AD SIZE                         MONTHLY                    SEMESTER                        YEAR             




$800.00                          $595/mo.                        $425/mo.                     

$725.00                          $495/mo.                        $395/mo.                       

$600.00                          $395/mo.                        $250/mo.                         



These specialty positions provide more visibility and engagement with readers on The native advertising opportunity allows for cross promoting from your social media platforms, and increasing engagement with readers by creating stories about your business.

      DIGITAL AD SIZE                            DAILY                            WEEKLY                        MONTHLY   


       SITE WRAP


$800.00                          $900/mo.                        $2475/mo.                     

$250.00                          $825/mo.                        $1975/mo.                       



 A brand new feature on the website, CHIP CHAT offers a live social media feed scrolling on the upper right hand of our home page. You can link in your social media platforms to our CHIP CHAT feed, link it into a leaderboard feed for your business or create your own custom social media feed on our website.

      SOCIAL MEDIA FEED                   MONTH                       SEMESTER                        YEAR   

       HOME PAGE 



$150.00                           $350.00.                          $650.00                     

$900.00                           $695/mo.                        $525/mo.                       

 $300.00                          $700.00                           $995.00    

 Programmatic Advertising

We can extend your brand's advertising by working with networks, Google ads and Facebook ads to reach potential customers after they leave your website or social media platforms. Our Social Cafe team can answer your questions and work with your budget to increase awareness and results across digital platforms.


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